Company Background

A&I Group is involve into multivarious sector. Agro chemical industry, Realestate development, Food and Beverage, Plastic industries, IT Sector, lifestyle and Hotel & resort.

Products Portfolio

GENETICA Industries Ltd. mainly involve in Pesticides, Micronutrients Fertilizer including Plant growth regulator & Pisciculture product such as Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Miticides & Micro-nutrient to grow more food for increasing population of the country. From 1979, GENETICA started with single crop nutrients product namely VEGEMAX from Italy in view to contribute good health of crops in Bangladesh, within couple of year, this VEGEMAX build a unique brand to The Farmer’s throughout the country, therefore all Farmers’ faith to GENETICA (Farmers’ Believe) increases day after day. After sometimes all farmers communities make a demand to our management that we must supply others agro chemicals product by whom they get good support like VEGEMAX resulting huge production. After analysis of farmers’ demand the company management decided that we will support others agro chemicals product to the farmers’ in Bangladesh. In 1980 GENETICA started to supply others agro chemical products to the farmers’ and now company has able launch more than 60 quality products to protection & nutrition of crop from attack different pests & ensure good health, and sustaining the amount of land available for agricultural production and food security can be ensured through improving agricultural yields per unit area in Bangladesh.

Development department are working to introduce segment fit new generation products to solve the crop protection problems of farmers in affordable price. We have already another more 14 new products which are at different research organizations for field trails.

Our products