Genethrin 10 EC

Product Name: GENETHRIN 10EC

Introducing Information:

Genethrin 10 EC is a liquid Insecticide of cypermethrin. Cypermethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. It was first synthesized in 1974 (1). Cypermethrin is a synthetic chemical similar to the pyrethrins in pyrethrum extract (which comes from the chrysanthemum plant). Pyrethroids including cypermethrin were designed to be effective longer than pyrethrins.

Active Ingredient

Cypermethrin 10% EC




Liquid insecticide (Emulsifiable Concentrate)


Genethrin 10 EC act as a contact and stomach Position resulting knock down effect of any surface insect like Brinjal fruit and shoot borer, Aphid, Potato cut worm, Rice hispa, and Mango hopper. It is a popular liquid insecticide widely used in Mango, Rice, vegetables & fruit orchard. Widely used against Brinjal, fruit and shoot borer, Potato cut worm, Rice hispa, Mango hopper.

Mode of Action

Non Systemic Insecticide with Contact & Stomach action. Also  exhibits anti-feeding action.

How to work

Acts on the nervous system of the insect, and disturbs the function of neurons by interaction of sodium channel and thereby causes quick knock down and death.


Treatment according to symptom, no known specific treatment.

Target Crops

Mango, Brinjal, Ladies finger, Tea, Cotton, Jute, bitter gourd, pointer gourd, yard long bean & others vegetables.

Target Pest

Hopper, Fruits and shoot borer, Helopeltis, Bollworm, pod borer & all other major  surface pest of vegetables.