Directors Preamble


Aim to deliver quality products as per customers’ need being highly sophisticated company at Bangladesh with 5% Market share by 2027 and establish Symbol of Farmers’ Believe.


  • Achieving business excellence and customer’s satisfaction by high quality of products & service.
  • Show personal drive, inspire & motivate other.
  • Deliver with appropriate cost, speed & quality.
  • Providing shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance of the team.
  • Helping in food security for growing population of the country.


  • Integrity - Be honest & reliable.
  • Efficiency - Manage resource in “SMART” way
  • Responsibility - Be accountable for action & result, success & failure,
  • Respect - Respect to people.
  • Commitment - Perform in sustainable way.

Strategic Theme

  • Work for food security
  • Financial discipline
  • Profitable growth
  • Sustainability
  • Improve professionalism of employee through skills/knowledge training & development.